The basic activity of “PRIEDES AG” is related to logging. “PRIEDES AG” and the group of related companies acquire approximately 80000 m3 of wood within a year and each year the logging capacity is increased. A very important factor in the logging operations is the professional level of the employees that are directly involved in this sector. We implement logging works in our forest properties, as well as in the purchased felling sites. Upon providing cyclic and correct execution of works, such as:

  • preparation of forest soil,
  • planting of forest,
  • cultivation of young forest stands,
  • cultivation of growing stock.

After several decades it is possible to collect qualitative forest harvest.


Therefore we not only process forests, but also plant and cultivate them, which is our duty for the next generations. We implement logging with harvesters in such felling sites, that have appropriate soil, conditions and possibilities to prepare the wood to be logged to achieve the necessary quality and maximally profitable result.

In clear cutting sites harvester logs 300-400 m3 of wood per day, but in growing stock and sanitary felling sites – 100-150 m3 per day. We implement the exporting of the prepared round-wood assortment to upper end timber-yards with forwarders that work day and night, providing quick and qualitative result. 

We can export such felling sites, in which the standard forwarders are powerless, because we use increased trafficability forwarder with wide swamp tires, and we export also branches and waste of the felling sites. We use power-saws to implement logging in such felling sites, where the clients, who sell it to us require it and in such felling sites, where logging with harvester is not possible.

We deliver the prepared round-wood assortment from upper end timber-yards to our cooperation partners by timber trucks 24 hours a day at the agreed time and volume.

We try to plan all logging operations every quarter, because in such way we can be predictable in our logging volumes and terms for the delivered wood.